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Geographical tracking and mapping of coronavirus disease COVID-19/severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) epidemic and associated events around the world: How 21st century GIS technologies are supporting the global fight against outbreaks and epidemics

M. Kamel Boulos, E. Geraghty

Business Model Innovation: How The International Retailers Rebuild Their Core Business Logic in a New Host Country

L. Cao J. Navare, Z. Jin

Effects of Financial Education and Financial Literacy on Creative Entrepreneurship: A Worldwide Research

E. Abad-Segura, M. Gonzales-Zamar

The Partner Pay Gap: Associations between Spouses’ Relative Earnings and Life Satisfaction among Couples in the UK

Anke C Plagnol, Vanessa Gash

Global Epidemiology of First 90 Days into COVID-19 Pandemic: Disease Incidence, Prevalence, Case Fatality Rate and Their Association with Population Density, Urbanisation and Elderly Population

Shivam Gupta, Kamalesh Kumar Patel, Shobana Sivaraman, Abha Mangal

'Don't forget to like, share and subscribe’: Digital autopreneurs in a neoliberal world

R. Ashman, A. Patterson, S. Brown

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