Does an International Academic Environment Promote Study Abroad?

Giorgio Di Pietro

‘The idea is nice… but not for me’: First-year students’ readiness for large-scale ‘flipped lectures’—what (de)motivates them?

Robin van der Velde, Nadine Blignaut – van Westrhenen, Nanon H. M. Labrie, Marjolein B. M. Zweekhorst

Agreement among student, parent and teacher ratings of school inclusion: A multitrait-multimethod analysis

Susanne Schwab, Carmen L.A. Zurbriggen, Martin Venetz

The impact of physics teachers’ pedagogical content knowledge and motivation on students’ achievement and interest

Melanie M. Keller, Knut Neumann, Hans E. Fischer

Learning and engagement through natural history museums

Tamjid Mujtaba, Martin Lawrence, Mary Oliver, Michael J. Reiss

The Value of an Incomplete Degree: Heterogeneity in the Labor Market Benefits of College Non-Completion

Matt Giani, Paul Attewell, David Walling

Student Loneliness: The Role of Social Media Through Life Transitions

Lisa Thomas, Elizabeth Orme, Finola Kerrigan

The effect of using Kahoot! for learning – A literature review

Alf Inge Wang, Rabail Tahir

Assessing children's reading comprehension on paper and screen: A mode-effect study

Hildegun Støle, Anne Mangen, Knut Schwippert

Rural teachers’ sharing of digital educational resources: From motivation to behavior

Jing-Xian Wang, Dineke E.H. Tigelaar, Wilfried Admiraal