Pengembangan Diri

Social Anxiety and Response to Touch: A Preliminary Exploration of Broader Autism Phenotype in Females

Amanda K. Ludlow, Hannah Roberts, Roberto Gutierrez

Self-Regulatory Responses to Unattainable Goals: The Role of Goal Motives

Laura C. Healy, Constantine Sedikides, Alison L. Smith, Joan L. Duda

Academic success: Is it just about the grades?

Moira Cachia, Siobhan Lynam, Rosemary Stock

Individual learning goal orientations in self‐managed team‐based organizations: A study on individual and contextual variables

Maria Carmela Annosi, Alberto Monti, Antonella Martini

Teaching critical thinking through engagement with multiplicity

Teun J. Dekker

The role of spirituality in Islamic business networks: The case of internationalizing Turkish SMEs

Yusuf Kurt, Noemi Sinkovics, Rudolf R. Sinkovics, Mo Yamin

Getting Creative Again. Awaking Your Inner Creative Self

Joseina Gotzsch

Between Sound and Speech: Liminal Signs in Interaction

Mark Dingemanse

Sequence Initiation or Self-Talk? Commenting on the Surroundings While Mucking out a Sheep Stable

Leelo Keevallik

The Brain Behind the Response: Insights Into Turn-taking in Conversation From Neuroimaging

Sarah Bogels, Stephen C. Levinson

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